A 2-hour Life Transforming Experience

Sunday, 23rd January


10 AM - 12 PM

On Your Screens - Zoom Meeting

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What will Change After you Attend this Training

– You will start enjoying Life
– You will start traveling on the Path to Satisfaction & Fulfilment
– You will know the Principles to Solve your problems like a Pro
– You will have the Resources to make powerful decisions
– You will become powerful enough to counter Stress, Tension on your own
– You will understand the real path to Self Awareness

Course Format

When & Where?

Sunday, 23rd January


Morning 10 AM - 12 PM

Online on Zoom

Who Should Do This Course?

  • Businessmen & Entrepreneurs
    Corporate Leaders
  • Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Mentors
  • Teachers, Professors, Researchers
  • Professionals such as Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, etc.
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals and Leaders
  • Media & Creative Professionals
  • And in fact anyone who is interested in “Total Self Development”

How to Register?

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🔰 Understanding the “Life Simplified” Revolution 

🔰 The exact Path to Simplifying Life

🔰Decoding the Principles of Self Awareness

🔰 Principles of “Taking Charge of Your Life” 

🔰 Principles to “Living Life at each moment”

🔰The Secrets to Satisfaction, Fulfilment & Wholeness

Brief Introduction About Your Trainer Mr.  Ashvin Deshpande 

Ashvin brings with him, a Training experience of more than 27 years with about a million+ lives Transformed.

We tend to make things really complicated and mix up a lot of thoughts, emotions and actions. Ashvin always say, “Life’s Simple!” He’s regarded by all his students as someone who makes the complicated things really SIMPLE.

Ashvin has combined the Principles of Classic Code NLP & New Code NLP and developed an evolved version of this science called 5G-NLP.

His Charisma, high energy while conducting his Training sessions, his Intriguing statements and understanding of the human Mind are bound to Transform you into a Success Factory.

Everyone’s saying “If it’s NLP, it’s with Ashvin”.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your life to a new level altogether! Come, attend Ashvin’s Online Training Program and UNLOCK THE HIDDEN SECRETS OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND!

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